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Welcome to
The Poetry Gathering


News & Updates

Finally we have an update with a few new videos, a new gallery, event details and lots of great news!

We are currently redesigning the structure of the website to include new features such as:

  • poems organised by date
  • poems by language
  • poem of the day
  • a function where you can submit your own poetry to appear on the website

We will continue to add over 100 poems from recent mehfils in the coming days and weeks while the new structure is being developed.

We will be adding poems by Surjit Patar from a recent mehfil in association with Refugee Week. For lovers of Shiv Kumar Batalvi there is an extra special treat. There will be a section dedicated to the poet incorporating all the existing renditions of his poems and songs from earlier mehfils and new material from our recent celebration of his life and work in June this year. A unique biographical account of his life and work will astound you.

Thanks for your support and please continue to enjoy the mehfils online and at our monthly gatherings.


(Last updated 7th August 2007).

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